Founded in 1956 and based at the Chief Dawid Stuurman International Airport in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropole, the Algoa Flying Club and it’s Flight Training Division has been the provider of world-class pilot training.

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The Algoa Flying Club offers safe affordable flying, flight training, pilot education, and camaraderie among club members. Whether you are new to flying or you’ve been a pilot for years, the Algoa Flying Club has something for you.

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Whether you’re a student with plans to become a Commercial Pilot or an individual that wants to take up flying for fun, we are here to take your dreams to new heights with our type certified aircraft and experienced instructors.


Take to the skies with 
Algoa Flying Club 
with its sophisticated instrument approach facilities and uncluttered skies…


Why the Algoa Flying Club

It is an organisation that has long established roots and is highly respected in South Africa.
Amongst our members are pilots from all walks of life, which include many seasoned flying instructors and seasoned airline pilots.  It’s the shared experience that helps to make the Algoa Flying Club the right place to earn your wings.


Algoa Flying Club and its Flight Training Division had been in existence since 1956. While flying with us is by no means cheap, we keep rates as low as possible, and provide a range of aircraft suited to both training the beginner and the advanced pilot, and allowing qualified pilots to fly for business and pleasure.


We are proud of our high standard of training which, combined with a personal touch and rich history, sets us apart from other training organisations. Uniform high standards and consistent training methods are the hallmarks of our training system. The full range of training for the Private Pilot Licence, Night Rating, Commercial Pilot Licence, Instrument Rating, Airline Transport Pilot Licence and Instructor Rating is offered, either full or part time.


Our instructors are highly qualified professionals who take pride in the high standard of flight training for which our Flight Training Division is known. We have been training pilots since 1956 and proudly maintain the highest training and safety standards.


We boast a fleet of Cessna 150’s, Cessna 152’s, Cessna 172’s, a Cessna 172Rg and a Piper Comanche.  We also boast a SACAA Accredited Elite Evolution S812 (FNPT 11) Simulator, which offers Multi Engine Piston based on the Beech Baron B58 and a Single Engine Piston based on the Cessna 172RG.


The Algoa Flying Club

In the mid 1950s, Phil Smulian got together with a number of local aviators, and decided to establish a new flying club, but with membership restricted to currently active pilots and former pilots with flying log book entries to prove their flying status.

The ALGOA FLYING CLUB was inaugurated on the 26th of November, 1956.

The philosophy that formed the basis for the formation of the Club over 65 years ago, is still at the core of the Algoa Flying Club and its Flight Training Division’s success. It is a flying club for pilots and former pilots dedicated to conserving the ethos and the development of power flying and having an unswerving emphasis on maintaining the highest possible standards of training and commitment to safety.

The Club today has approximately 850 members, all of whom must have logged solo flying hours in keeping with this clause in the constitution. The Club is actively involved in general aviation and several members also serve on national bodies representing various facets of the GA community.

Having been involved in flight training since the 1920’s, the Algoa Flying Club and its members today take great pride in the fact that its reputation for excellence in training extends throughout South Africa and even further afield.


The Secret of Success

The Algoa Flying Club has been home to aviation enthusiasts and pilots alike since 1956. We strive for excellence in the quality, safety, and fun of each flying experience. Our facilities and rental fleet are sure to suit your needs for business, leisure, and everything in between.

Our flight training division has a long history of pilot training with an excellent safety record. The Algoa Flying Club offers comprehensive, personalised, one-on-one fixed wing training, which provides you with all the tools to become a safe and competent SACAA-certified pilot.

Our members are always welcome to hang out, use the flight training facilities, and enjoy the camaraderie that comes with being around those who are passionate about aviation.

In order to utilise the clubs aircraft and facilities an individual must become a full of member of the club.


SACAA Examinations are written ‘on-line’ using our computer based Examination Management System in our examination room facility.


Our pilot shop offers a wide range of pilot clothing, bags, pins, books and equipment.We stock Aviation Maps for most of Southern Africa and Charts.


The Algoa Flying Club currently provides 25 Hangars for the club aircraft as well as our members private aircraft. Hangars are leased to club members only as space becomes available.


The Algoa Flying Club was formed in 1956, which makes us one of the oldest flying institutions in South Africa. Our membership is composed of a diverse group of pilots spanning the breadth of aviation experience worldwide.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our members say:

I found Algoa online when I was looking for an overseas flight school and, when I contacted them, they were clearly a very professional organisation who made the whole process so easy. When I arrived, I found that they are a rare find, being that they are professional, with great staff, instructors and equipment (I’ll never forget Papa-Kilo-Oscar!) as well as having a grass-roots-flying club atmosphere, that makes all students feel welcome and that they belong.

I can’t recommend Algoa enough but then, there’s the area and the wildlife all around – I can still see the whale just under the surface of the sea, that I flew over on base for runway 26 – Fantastic!

Daniel Sims

Based in UK

I got my private pilot’s licence at AFC before my matric certificate, and school holidays were spent in and around AFC. AFC offered more than just a high standard of training, it was also a place to meet people, make friends and take part in many flying activities. Many pilots who trained at AFC have become very successful in their flying careers. I achieved my first command on the Boeing 727 at the age of 30, and have maintained my command position, currently flying the Bombardier Global XRS.

Captain Chris Bailes

Based in Dubia

I flew my first hour in a Cessna at Algoa Flight Centre and today I land airliners in places like New York, London, Sydney – something I only dreamt about when sitting in the Cessna back home.  Algoa Flight Centre’s depth of training experience guided me through to qualifying as a Commercial Pilot.  They kept alive the sheer thrill and excitement of flying an aeroplane.

Captain Richard Nezar

Emirates Airlines, Dubai

Our Team

Our friendly team of professional flight instructors, ready to help you achieve your aviation dreams.

The Algoa Flying Club and its Flight Training Division’s Instructors are all highly experienced, professional pilots whose real-world flying experience brings you significant flight training advantages. Train and qualify with the best.

Whether you aspire to be a Recreational, Private or Commercial Pilot, or want to add some advanced flying or instrument skills, the Algoa Flying Club’s Flight Training Division will make your aviation dreams come true. We have successfully trained hundreds of pilots since 1956.

Mike Thompson

Chief Flying Instructor

Kojakan Thayanithy

Grade II  Instructor

Varie Anderson

Grade II Instructor

Cpt Mark Snelgar

Grade II  Instructor

Kristyn Evans

Grade III Instructor


Grade III Instructor

Cpt. Shawn Smith

Ground School Instructor

Our Fleet

It’s time to take to the skies and make your dreams of flight a reality with our certified aircraft fleet, whether it is for flight training, hour building or hire and fly.

Whatever your flight needs, there is a plane in the Algoa Flying Club’s fleet to match them.

Basic flight training is generally undertaken in our Cessna’s 152 and Cessna 172.

Commercial pilots and Instrument pilots train in the Cessna C172 and Cessna C72RG, Mooney M20J and the Piper Commanche PA30.

We take pride in our aircraft fleet and our serviceability rate proves that we look after our training aircraft. Students and members are taught from the outset to respect the flying fleet.

Matching aircraft to our simulator is a priority and we make use of our SACAA Approved FNPTII Elite Flight Simulator.
Our simulator can be configured for either Single and Multi Engine flight training.
Aircraft Variant: Cessna C72R, SEA (L)
Aircraft Variant: Baron BE58, MEA (L)

SACAA Training Credits for our FNPTII Flight Simulator:
>5 Hours towards the initial PPL and Night Rating (to be credited towards the initial Instrument Rating)
> 20 Hours towards the initial Instrument Rating
> 25 Hours towards the ATPL
> 3 Hours of training towards an Instrument Rating in another category
> Annual Instrument Revalidation / Recency Check (PPL, CPL)
> 10 Hours Instrument time for lapsed Instrument Rating (+24 months)

We also provide training on your own aircraft if required or various type ratings.

We are committed to providing you with a quality experience. In short, the fleet is all-weather capable and can easily support all your flight training needs while ensuring the maximum amount of situational awareness and safety – ranging from Private Pilot to Airline Transport Pilot!

Most of these airplanes are available for rental. Multi-day rentals are possible and contingent upon scheduling availability since their use in flight training is the priority.

Please contact us to discuss further.

Cessna 152


Cessna 152


Cessna 172


Cessna 172 RG


Mooney M20J


Piper Comanche PA30


ELITE S812 FNPT II Flight Simulator

C72RG (S/E) & BE58 (M/E)

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